Friday, December 14, 2012


5th Annual North Olympic Peninsula

Chess Tournament

 Aric Miller has retained his title and won the 5th Annual North Olympic Peninsula Chess Championship for the 2nd Year in a Row! 

The Winners:
6.0      Aric Miller           150.00

5.0      Steve Churchley   100.00

4.5     Mike Murray   75.00

4.0     Tom Blazey      37.50

4.0     Dennis McGuire   37.50

3.5     Ben Seran   25.00

3.5     David Rodriguez    25.00

3.0     Imants Golts    10.00

3.0    Roger Risley      10.00

3.0    Ernst Rasmussen   10.00

3.0    Stephen Chase     10.00

3.0    Paul Richmond     10.00



                                  Mike Murray                                         Aric Miller
The two top contenders for the North Olympic Peninsula Chess Championship begin their 5th Round 51/2 hour struggle. The center remained locked the entire game and Millers' Queenside  counterattack ultimately edged out Murrays' Kingside assault.
                                              Ben Seran                              Dennis McGuire
After the game, Ben pointed out a far better move for Black. (I was up the exchange and my Rook which was on d4 should have gone to c4, rather than the Rd8xd5 weakling I came up with.)

Here's a true story I told poetically at the FisherPoets festival, in Astoria Oregon, and yes, Boris did beat me in a simul in Reno NV.
Fishin's just a chess game

Lookin’ over this chart of the sea

Appears like a chessboard to me
Pawns and pieces floating round
In my head an’ out on the Sound
Before the beginning of a game
Fishin’ an’ Chess, it’s all the same
Stressin’ where to make the opening set
With Chess, which Opening will you bet!
Money’s on the table, the games begin
All the players lookin’ for a win
First few moves ya’ jockey for position
First few sets ya’ look for good fishin’
Tricks and traps are part of the game
An’ fishins’ very much the same
On the board a knightll’ fork ya’
On the grounds your friendll’ cork ya’
On the chessboard ya’ play a ruse
On the radio ya’ sing the blues
No quarter asked or given on the Board
Same thing goes for that Salmon horde
 The Chess master prepares a Mating Net
The fisherman sets a Gillnet
The object’s exactly the same in the Spring
These nets have been set to catch a King!
When the U.S. and Russia was playin’
It was Bobby Fischer who done the slayin’
An’ what about gettin’ beat by Boris Spassky?
Reminds me of gettin’ corked by Tommy McNasty
Yea, that McNasty’s a piece o’ work
Out on the grounds he’s some kinda jerk
Bein’ this fishin’ business ain’t no hobby
We went at it like Boris and Bobby
McNasty’d been badgerin’ my Queen you see
While she was quietly fishin’ the ‘ol Kaila Marie
When her call came ‘cross the radio         
I hadda’ pick up the gear an’ go
Now this is a point where Chess and Fishin’ part
‘Cause I was gettin’ ready to tear McNasty apart!
On the chessboard one gets metaphysical
On the fishin’ grounds, it’s downright physical
Toward his midships I was idlin’ you see
An’ I could see McNasty a starin’ at me
An’ when he saw I wasn’t stoppin’
On top of his hatch he started a hoppin’
 Then that throttle I gave a good punch
From McNasty’s boat came a loud crunch!
Fireweed rammed him when he was layin’ broadside
Like a Bishop smashin’ open the other guys’ Kingside!
I carried the fight out onto the deck
An’ started yellin’ ‘bout wringin’ his neck
Then I busted my gaff hook ‘cross his bow
An’ McNasty started up whinin’ now
Then that handle was in the air
An’ my aim was pretty fair
Square in the chest that chunk of wood struck
An’ I think he yelled somethin’ ‘bout his mothers’ rotten luck
Fireweed shows a wide grin
The ol’ warhorse chalks up another win
This game of Chess played out on the Sound
An’ Fireweeds’ lookin’ to play the next round
Catch no fish or lose a game
Fishermen ‘n Chess Players have only themselves to blame
And if checkmate were a Pot o’ Gold
Then a great day of fishin’ is a Full Fishhold!

Is it The Chess, or is it just Alaska?
        Ernst Rasmussen walked in the door, just as Roger Eichman and I had finished our tournament game and we were knocking out a few skittles and naturally, chatting about Alaska.   I had learned he was born in Juneau, and we had, over the last 40 years, covered much of the same ground.   We had both done some land surveying and prospecting, which made for intriguing conversation.
     I introduced Ernst (himself, a retired Alaskan fisherman, as many of you know) to Roger and mention to him that Roger was Alaskan, whereby Ernie says "were you ever in Pelican?  (Pelican is a small fishing village on the edge of nowhere, and has never to my knowledge, ever seen a Pelican :).  Of course Roger said "Oh sure, I was a dentist in Pelican."
   We continue our speed games, then Ernie says "When were you in Pelican?", to which Roger responded, "Oh, back in the seventies".
We continue playing, and after a few more quick moves Ernie says,"I think I know you".   Roger took a closer look at Ernie but could not recognize him from Pelican so many years ago.
     "Do you remember X-raying a guy with a broken hand ?"  Ernie said with a wide grin.   Roger immediately remembered taking the picture of Ernies' broken hand and we all had a great even I know the story of the broken hand!
     There was a brawl in the Brown Bag Bar, the punch in question shattered a fishermans' jaw, and broke Ernies' hand.  Just six years ago Ernie ran into that fella and he told our Ernie he had never been hit that hard in all his life!      Small World.


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